Illustration Comissions

Various Clients

Senior Portraits

With my client’s three dogs getting on in years, she wanted professional portraits (which I took) turned into three sets of epoxy earrings (which I produced.) After capturing the images using a Canon DSLR, I edited the photos and created a soft color-gradient background for each. Once the images were approved by the client I printed high-quality small-sized copies and set them into quarter-sized silver earring backs. Once the images were cured, I created an epoxy resin mix and filled the rest of the space in the earrings to create a clear domed casing. It was a great chance to work with unexpected mediums to produce a stunning keepsake!

Vintage Wedding Portrait – Digital Painting

With a barely 2x3 weathered photo for reference, I was contracted to recreate and enlarge a couple’s wedding photo. The client was pleased with the detail and care I took with their family heirlooms.

Team Alex Shirt Design

On top of helping my client to pick the best shirt printing company, and to set up an effective page to drive traffic to their fundraiser, I hand-lettered and designed this graphic! You can learn more about this project by clicking here.

Castro-Velasquez Wedding Wall Hanging

Calligraphy as an artform has really found its second wind in these last few years! This wall hanging was commissioned as a gift for a newly married couple. Featuring the bride’s favorite flowers, colors, and lettering styles, the piece was used to symbolize the two young adults’ transition into a new and exciting phase of their life!

Birthday Calligraphy

After seeing my work on a hand-lettered Baby Shower poster, this client was referred to me for a birthday calligraphy piece. Using their name, favorite plants (any and all sorts of succulents) and a list of different colors they preferred, I produced a traditional 5x7 work that’s currently serving as a wall hanging. There’s nothing better than a referral-grown client!

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