DIY Science Infographics

Museum of Life and Science

What was the problem?

The Museum needed a quick, fun way to share science education on our social media platforms. How can we do that in a way that disrupts a normal user’s browsing patterns and gets them to engage with our message? How can we make parents experiment with their children in a way that brings the learning that happens in our exhibits back home?

What was the solution?

Infographs! They’ve been around for at least a decade, but that staying power is for a reason. With bright colors and authentic hand-drawn illustrations, the images capture the eye, while the optimized copy and posting times helps to make sure busy parents get to see an interesting and easy bonding activity without having to scroll too far down in their timeline.

What role did I play?

I coordinated with our education department to get quick, easy, enjoyable science projects to do at home. Using Adobe Creative Suite, I laid out the infographics, created the illustration, and sized the end product for sharing on multiple social media sites. I also optimized the social media copy and posting schedule to help make sure we reached our target audience.

What was the outcome?

Out of two posts, we had an average reach of 3,200 people. We had an average of 39 engagements per post (link clicks, likes/shares, reactions, etc.) Our holiday science was picked up by WRAL’s Go Ask Mom blog (link here.)

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