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Summer Camp Minisite

Museum of Life and Science

Summer 2018

In 2017 the Museum of Life and Science didn’t have the capability to track a camp class purchase from start to finish. It was impossible to track a sale and determine conversion points. For an end user, the 2017 site was text-heavy and confusing.

With a new offsite camp location opening, and more camp instances than ever, the Museum needed some serious changes. 


  • Unique traffic to the minisite led to a lead 52% of the time → From that lead a sale occurred 70% of the time
  • The total conversion rate was 38%
  • 2,000 registration clicks
  • The website, with minor updates, was still in use for the 2019 and 2020 camp year

Skills Used:

  • Project management — led design and discovery meetings to determine stakeholder needs, budgets, and timeline
  • DreamHost admin panel — to create a summer camp subdomain
  • Google Analytics — implemented way to track clicks between website and subdomain
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • WordPress CMS

My Role:

  • Managed the project on an extremely tight, time-sensitive deadline
  • Working with R+M (the Museum’s brand experience agency) and Centro (the Museum’s ad buying agency) I created custom HTML classes that would allow the ad agency to better track registration clicks, which were used as conversion points.
  • Implemented SEO optimizations with customized meta descriptions and titles to make the most out of the search engine ads the Museum placed.
  • Moved the summer camp webpage to its own subdomain and installed the WordPress CMS
  • Connected our main domain with the subdomain on Google Analytics, so tracking our new metrics could happen seamlessly
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  • 2018 Summer Camp Minisite - Hompage - Bottom
  • Camp Detail Page
  • FAQ Page